Achieving Victory in Everyday Life and Influencing Others to Do the Same —
It’s the Discipleship Way!

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Month-to-Month: $40

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Enjoy this ever-growing, life-giving collection of teaching materials that helps you to understand the Bible better and get the most out of your spiritual walk.

Looking for a place to ask your questions without feeling embarrassed or ashamed? You’ve found it!  

Join our group discipleship calls held weekly. Ask your questions and receive direct, personalized answers while engaging in real-time dialog with a Victorious Life Mentor. Our commitment is to fill in the gaps that keep you from connecting on the next level. (We will send you an email with instructions for joining the call.)

Whether you’re the one having a 1-on-1 discussion with the Victorious Life Mentor, or the one listening in, you’ll not only walk away with answers but also with an action step that will take you to the next level!

Want to apply scriptural truths you’ve learned in Discipleship Way to other areas of your life? Sharpen and generalize your spiritual skills through these practical, easy-to-implement, mind-renewing activities.

We aren’t trying to get the victory. We already HAVE the victory!!!

Feeling lost, inadequate, or overwhelmed? Join a committed group of people in this exclusive Discipleship Way community who are learning what it is to be a contender OF victory – achieving victory in everyday life and influencing others to do the same.

Willing to confront whatever struggle and engage whatever process necessary, Contenders will show up—for themselves and for others—sharing their journey and participating in yours.

Engage with others, gleaning from their experiences while sharing your own.

Do you want to go deeper? Not for the faint of heart. Sign up for personal discipleship with one of our Victorious Life Partners.

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Personal Discipleship:*

As a Victorious Life Member, you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Victorious Life Partner for personalized, high-level touch training in the practical application of the Word of God to your situation. Ready to get started? Choose your package below:

4 Sessions

Taste and see that the Lord is good!

60 minutes per session

Suitable for those desiring:

  • A Short-term commitment (1 Month)
  • Temporary assistance
  • A Taste-and-See Period


12 Sessions

Let us run the race set before us…

60 minutes per session

Suitable for those desiring:

  • A Long-Term Commitment (3 Months)
  • Assistance with Application of Specific Faith Principles to a Variety of Life Situations
  • Accountability & Consistency


Single Session

Step out of the boat!

60 minutes per session

Suitable for those desiring:

  • Quick-Start Today
  • No Long-Term Commitment


Discipleship Intensive

Ready to drop your nets and follow?

Fifteen 90-minute sessions

Suitable for those desiring:

  • A long-term commitment (4-month minimum)
  • Assistance with intense application of spiritual principles to a specific faith project


  • Frequent front-end instruction decreasing to intermittent instruction to facilitate increased independence. As your independence increases, frequency of sessions decreases.
  • Access to your Victorious Life Partner between sessions.
  • Weekly Encouragement Messages Sent to Your Phone or Email.

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