Engaging in authentic relationship… Discipling through example… Helping to experience greater manifestations of the power of God

Discipleship Way® is a unique online discipleship platform where Katherine Free and her team of discipleship leaders provide Biblical instruction and come alongside individuals – engaging them in authentic relationship through the love of God, discipling them through example in the real-time, practical application of the Word of God, and helping them to experience greater manifestations of the power of God.


That the Body of Christ would become masterful handlers of the Word of God and bring forth 100-fold harvest in their lives and in their world (Matt.13:23, AMPC).


Our two-fold mission is to:

1) Help people understand the Bible better and apply it to their everyday lives, and

2) Provide a haven for people where they can be themselves without feeling like they have to “fake it,” offering a safe place where they can ask questions, receive personalized answers without embarrassment or shame, and receive the refreshment and accountability they need without fear of judgment or ridicule.