Hey, you, With the painted smile. I see you.

I understand what it’s like to “need” to wear a smile 24-7. You hold emotions in, feeling that you might cause others to stumble if you don’t.

Been there, done that.

I like the way John Gray expresses it:

So much of your effort is spent caring for others and their well-being, often to the neglect of your own, but…

Where do you receive your personal care?

With our Leadership Support, you can find that sacred space where you can receive personal care for your inner man.

I’d like to invite you to a REAL Community, all about Refreshment, Encouragement, Accountability, & Love. It’s a place where you can be uniquely you without fear of judgment or the pressure to perform. It’s a place for you to set personal goals and receive the support and tough love you need to reach them. It’s a place where you can enjoy close-knit fellowship no matter where you are.

At Discipleship Way, we offer church and ministry leaders like yourself – whether you wear a title or not – a place to rest… a place to vent… a place to work out personal struggles in safety.  A place to let your hair down and be your authentic self.

A place to belong.

So, what do you say? Does this sound like a place for you?

Become a REAL Life Member and enjoy:

Are you tired of “encouragement” to just do, do, do?

You don’t need yet another teaching telling you how to do your ministry work better or urging you to love God more. What you need is continual revelation of how to receive God’s love for YOU and how to enjoy everything He has already provided.

With exclusive access to the REAL Life Library, you will be encouraged to simply be.

Be loved, be blessed, be comforted, and rest.

Feast on this ever-growing collection of videos, podcasts, ebooks and more – all rooted in the Love of God!


Enjoy unlimited access to the Living Library, an ever-growing, life-giving collection of teaching materials that you can use with your congregation to help them understand the Bible better and get the most out of their spiritual walk and their church and worship experiences as well.

Are you the one that people look to to have this “life thing” figured out?

Everyone runs to you for answers. But you have issues of your own.

Who do you turn to?

You have issues that matter. And you deserve a safe place to address them.

Join our live group discussions—held bi-weekly, online to accommodate your busy schedule. You and leaders like you have the opportunity to engage in real-time dialog with a REAL Life Mentor and with each other.

Enjoy this sacred space where you experience the relief of being authentic without the pressure to perform…where you can present personal issues without shame and receive support without judgment…where you can experience a safe place to get things off your chest, share your challenges, and get the encouragement you need to keep going.*

*Your comfort and safety are of utmost importance. What you share with the group stays in the group. These sessions will not be recorded and members are obliged to maintain confidentiality.

Do you long to talk with somebody who gets what you’re going through? Join this exclusive Discipleship Way community of church and ministry leaders who relate to the joys and challenges of ministry life.

Come ready to encourage and be encouraged as you share your stories and your experiences. Receive the strength to confront whatever struggle and engage whatever process necessary to get out of your rut or go to your next level.

REAL lifers show up—for themselves and for others—sharing their journey and participating in yours.

We’re here for you!

Sign up for personal accountability sessions with one of our REAL Life Partners today!

Become a REAL Life Member Today!

REAL Life Session Packages

Choose the frequency that works for you and your schedule:


Spurring each other on…

60 minutes per session


Be ye stedfast…

60 minutes per session

2 / Week

The Double Portion Awaits!!

60 minutes per session


Personalized packages are available upon request.

Wondering if personal accountability sessions are right for you? Let’s chat! Schedule your consultation here!

I realize that being in ministry does not protect you from the trials of life. As a matter of fact, it more than likely makes you a target.

If you are having a tough time, whether that’s in your marriage, with your children or someone in your ministry, in your finances, your emotions, or whatever else, understand that we are here for you… as a person…who just happens to be in ministry.

Come and receive.

Personal Care for Your Inner Man.