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Hear What People Are Saying

First Response

I received this text moments after the first group session ended... :-)

My Mind Has Been Transformed

Next to getting saved, this is the biggest miracle of all! Once we get our minds transformed, everything else will come.

 Listen to this simple but profound testimony...

I Was the Least Qualified - 

I Got the Job!

Listen to what happens when you get intentional about the Word...


Loving Correction

There is love in correction. It's such a blessing when the correction is received. Tremendous growth takes place.

Listen to this testimony of love...

Learning by Example

If you're looking for a "Do as I say and not as I do" kind of leader, you're at the wrong place!  :-)  What a blessing when your teacher leads by example!

Listen as this disciple shares his learning experience at Discipleship Way Kenya..

"I can go without a shilling in my pocket and get everything I need." 

Hi, Everyone!

I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER! Listen to this testimony. This is what God had in mind when He birthed Discipleship Way in me. (Did I mention that I LOVE it when a plan comes together?)


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