Discipleship Way™ has an apostolic calling to advance the Kingdom of God.

The call of an apostle is to establish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of people and to establish churches throughout the world. While it is true that apostles establish churches that include a physical building, the Bible teaches that it is each person inside the building – not the building itself – that is the church (see I Cor. 6:19).

Our call at Discipleship Way is to advance the Kingdom of God by planting churches – i.e., YOU – empowered and equipped in your personal homes, neighborhoods, and communities. We do this by teaching Biblical principles and assisting you with the practical application of these principles to your life.

As you begin to apply Biblical principles to your life successfully, you will find that your life is coming into alignment with God’s will. You will learn to live out Kingdom principles effectively and will serve as an example and influence for others. You will affect change and serve as God’s “show-and-tell,” representing the goodness of God to everyone around you.

Our heart is to equip you to become masterful handlers of the Word of God, to see glorious manifestations of the power of God in your life continually, and to be such a blessing magnet that those in your personal world will want to know your secret.

Just by virtue of seeing the Christ in you, they will want to experience Christ in them.

Achieving victory in everyday life and influencing others to do the same –

It’s the Discipleship Way!!!